Best Slot Car Tracks

Best Slot Car Tracks

There are 16 different track packs, bundles, and plan books to download here at Slot Track Pro. Some of the best slot car tracks can be found for Scalextric, Carrera, and other brands of tracks. This past December they were download almost 1,100 times. We will take a look and see what the most popular download for track layouts was. Will it be for Carrera or Scalextric? Let’s take a look at the list.

#16 – 27 Circuits for Scalextric

It will be interesting to see where this falls in future lists. We just added it to our collection on the 31st so it only got 2 downloads that day. Scalextric published this catalog in 1985 and there are 27 different Scalextric Classic track layouts. (2 Downloads)

#15 – Slot Track Pro Track Pack 1

Our first Track Pack includes 5 Carrera slot car tracks. We have released four additional track packs so far and have more planned for the future. The first few packs included 5 tracks each. However, we will be increasing the number of tracks in each future pack as well. (16 Downloads)


#14 – Slot Track Pro Track Pack 2

Our second track pack includes 5 Scalextric digital tracks. Each of them have an alternate plan including a pit lane. These track layouts were created in Track Power but a PDF of each track is included so it is not needed to view the layouts. (22 Downloads)

#13 – Carrera Go Track Layouts

This is  bundle of Carrera GO!!! track layouts. We added this to the site on the 19th and it was grabbed 30 times before the end of the month. This bundle includes 20 different Carrera GO! tracks, including six different Mario Kart inspired tracks, official Carrera sets, and several custom tracks we created. (30 Downloads)

Princess Peach Beach Carrera Go Track

#12 – Slot Track Pro Track Pack 3

Track Pack 3 featured 5 new Carrera track layouts based off Lucas Oil Off Road Racing tracks. Real world circuits such as Bark River International Raceway and Glen Helen Raceway. (32 Downloads)

#11 – Slotict’s Misc Tracks

Slotict had a website years ago where he provided many different slot car tracks for people to download. At some point in time the website went offline and is no longer available. We were able to archive some of his tracks and host them here at Slot Track Pro for anyone to continue to download and use. (33 Downloads)

#10 – Slotict’s World Circuits

In addition to the miscellaneous tracks above, Slotict created a huge amount of slot car tracks based on real world circuits. This bundle of tracks includes 168 slot car tracks for 42 different race tracks such as Laguna Seca, Road America, and a lot of F1 tracks. Most of these layouts are for Scalextric but there are some for Carrera as well. These tracks were created using the editor Tracker 2000. (40 Downloads)

#9 – Track Power Track Pack

Definitely the largest collection of slot car tracks that we are aware of. The Track Power track pack includes 758 slot car layouts. The track files are saved in both the 1.6.6 version of Track Power and the newer 1.7 version. There are all sorts of sizes and types of tracks including NASCAR and F1. If you don’t have the full version of Track Power you may not have much luck with this track pack due to the 20 piece limit the demo has. (42 Downloads)

#8 – Scalextric Track Designer Layouts

This is the original bundle of Scalextric track layouts that was offered with their track designer years ago. It includes 32 different layouts. Some of the tracks are Scalextric set layouts with their different track extension packs added. In addition, there are a handful of world circuits included as well. (57 Downloads)

#7 – SCX Slot Car Track Plans Book

SCX released their track plan book in 2007 with some of their best slot car tracks detailed out. There are 54 slot car track plans included in this book including 18 F1 circuits. The F1 circuits are impressive, and huge so you will need plenty of room if you want to layout those tracks. (65 Downloads)

#6 – 102 Circuits for Scale X Racers PDF & Track Pack

As a tribute to the 101 Circuits for Scalextric Drivers Scale-X-Racers released 102 Circuits for Scale X Racers. Tracks include the 201 Formula 1 circuits, British circuits, rally stages, and other various real world circuits. In addition to the PDF to download and view, you can download a track pack with all the tracks. Tracks are created with Ultimate Racer so you can view and edit them if desired.. (73 Downloads)

102 Circuits for Scale X Racers

#5 – Slot Track Pro Track Pack 4

Our 4th Track Pack was a super pack with 15 different Carrera slot car layouts. They range in size from 4′ x 8′ to 8′ x 12′. It is a good variety pack for all different types of slot car racers. (77 Downloads)

#4 – Scalextric Track Plans 9th Edition

Scalextric often releases a Track Plans publication with multiple layouts and plans for slot car tracks. The 10th edition came out for purchase in 2020. The 9th edition can be downloaded as a PDF and includes over 20 different Scalextric track layouts. (101 Downloads)

#3 – Scalextric Track Plans 4th Edition

Coming in the third spot for our best slot car tracks list is the 4th edition of Scalextric’s Track Plans publication. This edition offers 31 different slot car track plans for your review. However, these layouts are done using Scalextric Classic track which includes some different angled corners from today’s Sport track by Scalextric. (123 Downloads).

#2 – Carerra Digital Tracks

Our runner up for the best slot car tracks to download is the bundle of Carrera Digital 132 tracks that they provide on their website. These were made available in 2007 and can support either their 1/32 or 1/24 scale slot cars. (178 Downloads)

#1 – 101 Circuits for Scalextric Drivers

And our reader’s top choice for the best slot car tracks, 101 Circuits for Scalextric Drivers. This publication includes quite a few basic layouts and multi-lane slot car tracks. The world circuits that are featured include a great description of the track and some nice track details and circuit history. The layouts utilize older Scalextric track. However, it is a great resource to use for layout ideas. (205 Downloads)

Scalextric Track Plans

That completes our list of the best slot car track downloads that we provide here at Slot Track Pro. If you missed it, check out our Top 5 Slot Car Track Designer Programs article. We have more slot car track plans and layouts lined up for 2021 so be sure to check back often. If there is something you would like to see on the site please let us know. Thanks for visiting!

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