Slotict’s Track Designs

Slotict Rabbit Scalextric Digital Track

Fellow slot car racers used to be able to visit Slotict’s Track Designs, a website by Slotict that provided a ton of track designs using the software Tracker 2000. In addition to the track designs he provided a lot of other helpful information as well. 

Now the website can only be found via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and it is probably only a matter of time before it disappears from there. A lot of the track design files are already no longer available. For the sake of archiving as much information as possible for future “Sloticts” (those addicted to slot car racing) we here at Slot Track Pro have taken the time to try and provide as much of the information as possible for future reference. We do not own or claim rights to the information, we hope that providing a place for it to live here on Slot Track Pro it can be found easier and made useful.

All of Slotict’s track designs were produced with Tracker 2000 which used a simple HTML file. Most of the layouts are designed in Scalextric Classic. Scalextric Sport track is the same size so they can easily convert. Here is a conversion chart for reference. In addition, he also made some Carrera, Ninco, and Artin layouts. A chart is also available to identify Sport track parts you have by the letter printed on them.

All of Slotict’s tracks are named as follows. They are given a name followed by the table size with the longest side first (rounded up) and then the shortest lane length (rounded down). If it has more than 2 lanes then the lane length will be followed by the number of lanes.

World Circuit Slot Car Race Tracks

We were able to save 168 different track layouts for 42 different world circuit tracks. The majority are for Scalextric track but there are some others as mentioned above.

Other Slotict’s Track Designs

Most of Slotict’s other designs were no longer available on the Wayback Machine. However, we did manage to save 33 slot car track designs for you to grab here.

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