Carrera Track Planner – Autorennbahnplaner

Carrera Track Planner

The Carrera Track Planner, also known as Autorennbahnplaner, supports all the current Carrera slot car track systems. The software developer offers a free demo of the software. The demo version has a track piece limitation of 20 pcs. Once you order from the developer you will receive a license key to remove that limitation so you can build your dream track. Slot Track Pro has provided the latest version available for download below.

Carrera Track Planner Features

The track planner features a room planning tool which is really nice. To be able to layout the space you have available for your track so you can design a track to fit it will save you headaches later on. Other display features include automatic centering, free rotation, scrolling and zooming to allow the user complete control. With over an hour of tutorials on their website so you will be able to learn the track planning software very quickly.

Carrera Track Planner Go143

Autorennbahnplaner supports up to 8 lanes and tracks can be placed independent of each other if desired. They can also be placed in parallel automatically by the software. Individual lane length is displayed, taking into consideration different curve radius and lane changers. This allows you to know exactly how long your track is when it is all laid out. Track parts can be placed at any time and in any position in the track layout. They can be removed just as easy also. Color coding of parts and/or lanes is also featured so you can keep track of your layout how you want.

Carrera Track Planner Digital

You can create a parts inventory and the software keeps track of what you have remaining and what you have used. The software supports a screen resolution up to 2560 x 1600 pixels and provides a print option for the track layout and the item list.

Carrera Track Planner – Autorennbahnplaner

Cost: 24.95 Eur (~$29.35) – Free Demo Files Provided Below
Slot Track Supported: Carrera Digital 124, Digital 132, Exclusiv, Evolution, Digital 143, GO!!!, Universal 132, and Profi
System Requirements: Windows XP or higher (Windows 10 Compatible) – A MAC version is also available.
Current Version: 2018.001.001
Official Site:

Uninstall any prior versions before installing version

Older Versions

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