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Slot Track Planning Software

Softy Bahnplaner is a nice Carrera track planning software that is available online. Some of the prompts are in German but it is fairly straight forward and easy to use with a simple drag and drop interface. All the side menus and button tool tips are in English. If you use Chrome as your internet browser, its built in translation feature will help you in a few spots but overall it is not needed.

Track Planning Software Features

It contains all the normal track pieces, shoulders, and the digital components such as pit lanes and lane changers. Both the straight and curved lane changers are included in the library of pieces which is nice. For an online interface track editor, Softy Bahnplaner has a lot of the same features you will find in other programs.  You can edit and display your room or layout size in order to plan your slot car track accordingly. Shoulders or track borders can automatically be added to any selected track with the click of a button. You can save and load track plans and display the track list for the layout you have designed.

Carrera Track Planning Software

Other features include the ability to color code the different track components, show dimensions for the current layout, and zoom controls while your designing. If you race on a Carrera track we encourage you to check this track planning software out. It is very user friendly and works really well. Check it out with the link below.

It appears that this track planner is also available in the App Store for Apple devices. It does show a cost for the app however where the online editor is free to use.

Slot Track Supported: Carrera Digital 132, Carrera Digital 124
Language: English and German mixed. Additional English translation can be achieved via Chrome’s browser translation.
Official Site:

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