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If you are looking for some slot car layouts for Track Power then you have come to the right place! We found a track pack with 758 Track Power Layouts in it. Yes, you read that correctly, 758! If you are not familiar with the Track power track design software you can reference our post on it and download the demo that we make available. The software is no longer supported by the developer however.

We tested several dozen with our 1.6.6 version of Track Power and most worked, however a few stated they were made with a newer version of the software. Depending on the version you have you will want to take that into consideration. There are slot car track layouts for specific sizes such as 4×8, 4×16, 5×6, 5×9, 5×12 and many more. In addition to the various general layouts there are historic circuits as well as some NASCAR multi lane tracks included.

Some of the included circuits include Melbourne, Catalunya, Monte Carlo, Silverstone, Montreal, Indianapolis, Monza, Suzuka, and many more. They even have the Nurburgring track layout, although I don’t think it is The Green Hell, just the F1 circuit.

Here are a few screenshots for some of the tracks that are included in this incredible slot car track layout pack. You can download it below.

Slot Car Track Plans  Track Power Layouts

Track Power Layouts  Track Power 4x8-Rally

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