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Slot Track Designer

There are a number of different slot track designer programs available today. In addition to those, we have archived some older programs that no longer can be found elsewhere. While some programs are still supported by their software developer, others are not. In addition, a number of programs no longer have a website or any information available. We provide as much information about the different programs as possible and host our own copy of the programs for your convenience to download. Slot Track Pro is not the owner or developer of these programs. We can’t help you with registering them or providing support. We simply provide a useful resource for slot car enthusiasts by archiving some of the older programs that no longer can be found.

Some of the slot track designer programs are far superior than others while some are just completely outdated. Which slot car track designer is the best for you? Well that answer may be dependent on your needs. Do you need a PC or MAC version? Do you  want to design Scalextrix track layouts or Carrera track layouts? Above all, take some time and do some research and you will figure out exactly what you need.

Below is a list of the track designer software programs we host here at Slot Track pro ranked by user downloads in 2019. Thank you for visiting Slot Track Pro, we hope you find what your looking for!

Top Slot Track Designer Software By Downloads

#1 – Scalextric Track Designer
#2 – Carrera Track Layout Planner (Official Carrera)
#3 – SlotMan Track Designer
#4 – Tracker 2000 Design Program
#5 – Track Power
#6 – Carrera Track Planner for PC (Autorennbahnplaner)
#7 – Ultimate Racer
#8 – Carrera Track Planner for MAC (Autorennbahnplaner)
#9 – Track Designer

This list does not include RailModeller Express and SketchUp because we do not host those files for download here at Slot Track Pro.

If you know of any other slot track designer programs please let us know so we can add them to our library here at Slot Track Pro. We are happy to host any outdated programs also, so if you have an old version to share please contact us. Slot Track Pro has become a go to resource for slot car racers looking for track layout software and slot car track designs,

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