Tracker 2000 Design Program

Tracker 2000 Track Designer

Tracker 2000 is a simple slot car track design program with some really nice features. For instance, it includes an inventory system, room designer, and a track definitions editor. The software can keep track of all the slot track pieces used and what is still available based on your inventory. It supports multiple lane track layouts and elevation changes. Overall it is a very simple editor to use. We have our own copy setup and the interface is easy to understand and quick to get the hang of. You can simply double click or drag and drop track pieces onto the layout.

With the software now 15 years old here in 2020, it will not surprise you to know that the program is no longer being developed or supported. No official website is available. However, even though it is no longer being supported by the original developer, the final version is available for download below as a demo. You can find a registration code online that will allow full functionality.

Track Layouts

Slot enthusiast Slotict used Tracker 2000 to design hundreds of slot car tracks. Unfortunately his site is also no longer available but we were able to save and host over 200 hundred of his track designs here at Slot Track Pro. Be sure to check them out if you grab Tracker 2000. Above all, even if you don’t get this program, you will still want to grab these track designs! Web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome can open them easily. A GIF image is also included which can be viewed easily. Slotict created a lot of variations of famous real world race tracks.

Tracker 2000 Slot Track Designer

In conclusion, Tracker 2000 is a pretty nice slot track design program. It may not support some of the newest digital track but should give you a solid tool to design your own slot car track.

Cost: Demo – 15 track piece limitation and 30 day time period
Slot Track Supported: Airfix, Artin, Aurora, Aurora MM, Aurora Ajet, Bigchar-G 20cm, Carrera Universal, Carrera Exclusiv & PRO-X, Custom Routed, Custom Routed Metric, Fleischmann, Granite Archer Racetrack, Ninco, MaxTrax 4 / 6, Marchon, Polistil, Revell/Riggen, SCX/Scalextric, SCX Digital, Scalextric Sport Track + Digital, Scalextric Micro, Strombecker 1:32, Strombecker 1:24, Super 1:24, Tomy AFX, Tyco, and Vario 4
Languages: English
Current Version: 3.0b2
Official Site: No Longer In Development – (Registration codes for the demo can be found online)

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Mark McDonald

This is Awesome I’m thinking on doing a scale on door lay out and this is going to make planing it out thank you for this .