Scalextric Slot Car Track Plans Book 9th Edition

Scalextric Track Plans 9th Edition

The 9th edition of the Scalextric slot car track plans books includes track layouts for some of the most famous racing circuits around the world. Challenge yourself with hairpin bends, chicanes, and pit strategy on some amazing, and large, Scalextric slot car tracks.

Slot Car Track Plans

Most of the track plans include digital features such as lane changers and pit lanes. World circuits include Silverstone, Monaco, Le Mans, Indianapolis, Brands Hatch, Wembley Race of Champions and several others. Other Scalextric track plans include Highway Chase, Triple Turn, Mountain Rally, Rush-Hour, and others. There are 20 track plans overall in the PDF file below.

Slot Car Track Plans

If you enjoy this Scalextric track layouts in this book, be sure to check out the new 10th edition which is available for purchase now on Amazon. In addition, we have PDF downloads available for the 3rd and 4th edition Track Plan books also. However, the track slot car track layouts included in those are for the older Scalextric classic track.

If you build any of the slot car track layouts from these Scalextric books, especially some of the huge world circuits, we would love to see them! Share your track photos with us and we’ll feature them here on Slot Track Pro.

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