Scalextric Track

Scalextric Track Pieces

Scalextric Track can be configured to create the wildest slot car track you can dream of or reproduce any number of famous real world racing circuits. It is super easy and simple to expand upon any track that came with your slot car set. Scalextric offers Track Extension Packs consisting of specific track parts and pieces.  Track packs consisting of hairpin turns, jumps, side swipe sections, and regular old straights and corners.

If your looking to follow a specific track layout plan that you have found here on Slot Track Pro or one you have designed yourself, you will want to learn about the specific track pieces. Scalextric offers four different curve radiuses. Some radiuses offer multiple track components. These are useful if you are creating a multi lane track. While the straight track components will be the same for any lane, you will need different radius curves to line up next to other lanes. Radius 1 is the tightest of the corners and continues going out through radius 4. You can refer to the featured image on this page to see this concept displayed. If your not doing multi lanes then you just have additional options for creating different corners as you wish. A nice hairpin curve here, or a sweeping chicane there. You have many options to choose from.

Borders can be added to all your curves and some of the shorter straights to provide extra room for those fast cars that tend to get a little loose in the corners. There are outside corners as well as inside corners and specific parts for each radius of curve so pay close attention to the part numbers you need.

We’ll detail out all the Scalextric slot car track pieces with part numbers and images below.

Scalextric Radius 1 Corners

Scalextric Radius 1 Curve 22.5° – C8278
Scalextric Radius 1 Curve 45° – C8202
Scalextric Radius 1 Curve Outer Borders 45° – C8240
Scalextric Radius 1 Curve Inner Borders 180° – C8279

Scalextric Radius 1 Hairpin and Track Packs

Scalextric Radius 1 Hairpin Curve 90° – C8201
Scalextric Track Extension Pack 1 with racing curves, borders and barriers – C8510
Scalextric Track Extension Pack 3 with ramps, straight track, hairpin curves, side swipes, borders & barriers – C8512
Scalextric Ultimate Track Extension Pack – C8514

Scalextric Radius 2 Curves and Borders

Scalextric Radius 2 Curve 22.5° – C8234
Scalextric Radius 2 Curve 45° – C8206
Scalextric Radius 2 Curve Outer Borders 22.5° – C8239
Scalextric Radius 2 Curve Inner Borders 22.5° – C8280

Scalextric Radius 2 Borders and Track Extension Packs

Scalextric Radius 2 Curve Outer Borders 45° – C8228
Scalextric Radius 2 Curve Inner Borders 45° – C8225
Scalextric Track Extension Pack 6 – 8x R3 Curves – C8555
Scalextric Track Extension Pack 7 – 4x 350mm Straights and 4x R3 Curves – C8556

Scalextric Radius 3 Curves

Scalextric Radius 3 Curve 22.5° – C8204
Scalextric Radius 3 Curve Outer Borders 22.5° – C8224
Scalextric Radius 3 Curve Inner Borders 22.5° – C8281
Scalextric Single Lane Radius 3 Curve 22.5° – C7017

Scalextric Radius 4 Curves and Borders

Scalextric Radius 4 Curve 22.5° – C8235
Scalextric Radius 4 Curve Outer Borders 22.5° – C8238
Scalextric Radius 4 Curve Inner Borders 22.5° – C8282
Scalextric Track Extension Pack 2 with ramps, standard straights, side swipes, borders & barriers – C8511

Scalextric Banked Curves and Accessories

Scalextric Radius 2 Banked Curve – 10° Banked Curve 45° x2 – C8296
Scalextric Radius 3 Banked Curve – 10° Banked Curve 45° x2 – C8297
Scalextric Track Supports & Clips – C8226
Scalextric Barriers (Guard Rails) & Clips – C8212

Scalextric Straights and Track Extension Packs

Scalextric Standard Straight 350mm – C8205
Scalextric Track Extension Pack 4 – 4x 350mm Straights – C8526
Scalextric Track Extension Pack 5 – 8x 350mm Straights – C8554
Scalextric Side Swipe Straights – C8246

Scalextric Half, Quarter, and Short Straights

Scalextric Half Straight 175mm – C8207
Scalextric Half Straight Borders 175mm  C8223
Scalextric Quarter Straight 87mm – C8200
Scalextric Short Straight 78mm – C8236

Scalextric Starting Grid and Pit Lanes

Scalextric Starter Grid 175mm – C7018
Scalextric Pit Lane Track Includes Sensor (Right Hand) – C7015
Scalextric Pit Lane Track Includes Sensor (Left Hand) – C7014
Scalextric Single Lane Half straight 175mm – C7016

Scalextric Lane Changer and Crossovers

Scalextric Straight Lane Change Track – C7036
Scalextric Lead in / Lead Out Borders – C8233
Scalextric Straight Crossover 90° – C8210
Scalextric Elevated Crossover – C8295

There are a few more digital components and track scenery items available. Components such as power base upgrades, lap counters, and micro Scalextric track. Everything is also available via Scalextric direct. They offer free shipping to the US for certain size orders.

Send us a photo of your slot car track! We would love to share it on our site for all to see. If you have any questions about adding on to your slot car track or any of the track designers feel free to contact us.