Slot Mods

Slot Mods

If your looking for inspiration when it comes to designing and building your own custom slot car track. Look no further than Slot Mods. They create amazing, handcrafted 1:32 scale wooden slot car raceways all over the world. We say, look for inspiration, as most likely you will not be able to afford one of these insanely detailed slot car tracks. They start around $50,000 for a 6′ x 12′ base track and increase in price with size and detail. They cater to customers such as McLaren, Neiman Marcus, Progressive, and Audi to name a few.

Each Slot Mod track is a routed, hand painted, and detailed wooden track. Scenery includes grandstands, structures, advertising signs, and guard rails. Amazing landscaping with shrubs and trees. A complete lap timing system, controllers, six slot cars, power supply and LED lighting. Thousands of man hours are put into each track and it shows. If you enjoy slot car racing you will certainly want to check out Slot Mods.

Be sure to check out their videos page as well. They have a lot of video footage of all their different tracks including point of view perspective from the slot cars racing. Those views really give you a perspective of how detailed and large some of their tracks are. Now that your ready to design your dream track, check out some of the different slot car track layouts here at Slot Track Pro.

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