Scalextric Track Layouts

Scalextric Track Layouts

Scalextric is a very popular brand in the slot car world, it has been around since the late 50’s. A lot has changed over time and today we have slot car sets with digital features such as accurate timing, lane changing, ghost cars and performing pit stops. A digital slot car set now allows you to race multiple slot cars on a standard 2 lane track. The options for your Scalextric track layouts have changed significantly now. You can focus more on the actual track layout instead of just getting a basic track built with enough lanes for all your friends.

There are many sources for inspiration when it comes to designing your slot car layout. Real world tracks and circuits, tracks that friends have built, and of course layouts you have seen online. Here we discuss a few online resources to help you design your Scalextric track layout. We also have the original bundle of Scalextric track layouts that were offered with the Scalextric Track Designer years ago. You can download it free below.

Scalextric Track Layouts Ultimate Racer
Scalextric Track Layout Example for Ultimate Racer

Scalextric Track Layouts

If you are using Ultimate Racer as your layout software you can check out their own layouts archive page. You can browse layouts by track brand/type. They have layouts for Scalextric Sport and Digital as well as many other brands that you could simply use for inspiration. Scale-X-Racer has a series of custom made track libraries for Ultimate Racer, anything from a single lane rally track up to an eight lane commercial slot track.

Years ago you could visit Slotict’s website and download a couple hundred different track layouts for Tracker 2000.  Most of his layouts were designed for Scalextric Classic (Scalextric Sport is compatible). We have archived some of his track layouts here on Slot Track Pro so take a look. Especially if your looking to replicate a world circuit because there are 168 track variations of 42 different world circuits. Track layouts including Daytona International Raceway, Indianapolis, Laguna Seca, Monza, Sebring and Suzuka to name a few.

Scalextric Track Layouts Tracker 2000
Scalextric Track Layout Example for Tracker 2000

Slot Car Illustrated forum is also a good source for not just Scalextric track layouts but all things slot car. Join up for free and search away.

I always like to do a Google image search for Scalextric track layouts, you will find a lot of top down track plans as well as some actual photos of completed layouts which are great to see. In addition to Google’s image search, get on Pinterest and search for Scalextric layouts. You will find a lot of useful photos and information there as well.

Below you can download the Scalextric track layout bundle. It features 32 different track plans from Scalextric and includes layouts from some of their different sets, combinations of those set track with different extension packs, and several different world circuits. Please note, when we open some of the tracks in the design program some of the track components have shifted around. You can still reference the plan to layout the track. We believe it is just one of the quirks of the Scalextric design program unfortunately.

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