Track Power

Track Power

Track Power is a simple to use slot car track designer. It is no longer in development as the website is no longer in use. Features include track libraries, individual lane selector tool to calculate lane distance, measurement tool and more. You can print the schematic, color coded track view, or detailed track. In addition you can choose to print just the track layout or the section list by themselves or both combined.

Track Power Slot Car Track Designer

Simple, Easy, and tons of track layouts!

We have used this design software in the past to design several different Carrera Digital 132 and Carrera Digital 124 slot car tracks and found that it works very well. It is quick to learn and the printouts are very helpful during track assembly.

Slot Track Pro has provided 2 different versions for this track designer for you to try. There is also a huge track layout pack we found that contains over 700 slot car track layouts in it!

This track designer can handles more than just Carrera track, check out the details below for all of the different slot track that is supported.

Slot Track Supported: Carrera Evolution, Carrera Digital 132, Carrera Digital 124, Carrera Pro-X, Ninco Digital, Ninco Raid, Sport Digital, SCX Digital, SCX Original, SCX Compact and STS 4X4
Language: English
Last Known Version: 1.7.0
Official Site: No Longer In Development

Track Power 1.7.0 Setup File

Track Power 1.6.6 Setup File

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Setting up a 4 lane design on a 11 ft by 4ft table
need help finding scenery and instructions


Hello, could you tell me the password to release the software installation? Thanks!!
Version 1.7.0

Last edited 3 years ago by Marco

Ok. Thanks a lot. Kind regards.

alex b calacino

how do you get a password

Tony Smith

After paying for Slot Track Pro, how do you get your key so you can use the full program? I just new to this stuff