Top 5 Slot Car Track Designer Programs

Top 5 Slot Car Track Designers

We have featured several new slot car track designer programs this year. Some old ones we wouldn’t recommended. Some new options with great potential. December is one of the busiest months of the year for visitors here at Slot Track Pro. We see over 5,000 visitors from over 30 different countries. Let us take a look at what everyone is downloading so you know what the most popular track designers are. In addition, we’ll find out which Scalextric track layouts and Carrera track layouts are the most popular also. We will let you know your recommendations as well, one of them includes a new piece of software we just posted in late December.

Up first, we will take a look at the top track designers. With over 3,500 downloads in December these five programs are the most popular amongst your fellow slot car enthusiasts.

Top 5 Slot Car Track Designer Programs

Trackpower Slot Track Designer#5 – Coming in at fifth with 321 downloads is Track Power.

Track Power still gets quite a bit of attention despite the disappointing fact that you can’t buy and register it anymore. The developer has abandoned Track Power and it can only be used as a demo with a 20 pieces limit for tracks. We were fortunate enough to buy a copy years ago and it is a nice slot track editor. If you are looking to design for a small 4′ x 8′ table and can stay under the 20 piece limit then the demo may work out perfectly for you. If your looking to create a larger track we suggest you look into some of the more popular options.

Slotman Slot Car Track Designer#4 – In the fourth spot with 322 downloads is SlotMan

SlotMan just barely surpassed Track Power for the 4th spot by 1 download. The first free slot car track designer on the list, Slotman pulls double duty offering timing options in addition to track editing. The timing options are for analog slot car setups and you will have to rely on help from the slot car community in various forums if you don’t know where to start and what you need. As a track designer it offers good basic functionality. The user interface is not quite as nice as some of the other options. You have to choose your track components from a dropdown list first and then click a button to add the piece. There are also different buttons to change the direction of curves. Track libraries are limited and a lot of the newer digital tracks are un-supported.

Carrera Track Planner#3 – Third on our list with 445 downloads is the Carrera Track Planner, also know as Autorennbahnplaner

The Carrera Track Planner is a very solid track designer for all the major Carrera track types. We have started using this designer for all our Carrera track layouts and enjoy the simple user interface and features it offers. A free demo is available for you to download and try. The demo has a 20 pc track limit which seems to be about the standard for track design programs. The developer has provided Slot Track Pro with a 20% off coupon if you are interested in purchasing. Read our full review and download the promo code instructions to see how to apply the discount during checkout.

Carrera Track Layout Planner#2 – Coming in as runner up with 793 downloads is the official Carrera Track Layout Planner

No longer available for download from Carrera, this outdated track planner supports Carrera Exclusive, Evolution, Profi, and GO!!! tracks. Carrera’s track planner was based entirely on the Slotman track designer. The timing options have been stripped away to focus entirely on the track planning perspective. The user interface and functionality are the same. If your looking for a basic free track designer for Carrera this may satisfy your needs. If you need to design both Carrera and Scalextric layouts, then go with Slotman.

Scalextric Track Designer#1 – And the most popular slot car track designer with 1,081 downloads is the Scalextric Track Designer

Maintaining its popularity for some time now, Scalextric’s own track designer is a good overall program that supports their Classic track, Sport, and Sport Digital. Now eleven years old, the program is  no longer available to download on Scalextric’s website. The editor includes a very basic room designer and laying down pieces is fairly simple. If your looking to design just a few slot car tracks and never use the editor again, then this is a great free option. If you plan to be changing your track designs and playing in the editor more often we suggest looking at our suggestion for Scalextric track design below.

Our Recommendation for a Carrera Slot Car Track Designer

If your looking to design track for Carrera we suggest the Carrera Track Planner (Autorennbahnplaner). Coming in at #3 on our list it is a really nice program that is still available for purchase today and includes several hours of tutorials and support available online. The developer continues to keep the track library updated as well. Grab the demo today and check it out. If you like what you see be sure to use the available coupon code to get 20% off your purchase.

Our Recommendation for a Scalextric Slot Car Track Designer

For those of you designing Scalextric tracks, take a look at a new piece of software we just discovered this month. AnyRail 6 is primarily marketed towards model railroad enthusiasts but they have provided the Scalextric track library as well. We just shared it here on Slot Track Pro on the 29th of December and was downloaded 16 times in just 3 days. Track Power has always been our go to designer in the past but if you don’t have a license it has its limitations. AnyRail is still being developed and has plenty of information available online including forums. The demo allows for tracks up to 50 pieces to be designed. More than enough for some great slot car tracks. We encourage you to give it a try.

That completes our Top 5 list of slot car track designers. Be sure to check out our list of the 16 best slot car tracks and layout packs that we have available to download here at Slot Track Pro.

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