Slot Track Pro – Track Pack 4

Slot Track Pro Track Pack 4

Track Pack 4 is a super pack with 15 different Carrera slot car layouts! These Carrera layouts range in size anywhere from 4′ x 8′ to 8′ x 12′. There are a couple 4 lane layouts on smaller tables and several layouts with overpasses included. Several different plans include a pitlane as well. Track Pack 4 has a good variety for all types of slot car racers.

This pack includes the Track Power layout file so you can modify the track and make any changes you want. It also includes a screenshot of the track layout and a PDF file with the track components listed below a color coded layout. The PDF file allows anyone to set these tracks up, you do not need to have the Track Power design program to open the track file unless you want to edit the design and make your own changes. You can swap out any two consecutive full straights for a lane changer. Carrera also has lane changers for curves that you can swap into the layouts as well.

Each track layout file name includes dimensions such as 7×12. This estimate is rounded up, the actual size may be 6’10” x 11’8″. File names will also denote if it is a 4 lane layout. Feel free to modify any of these Carrera slot car layouts. Take a peek at a few of the layouts below as well as an example of what the PDF file looks like. You can download the ZIP file below. Feel free to leave us a comment below or contact us with any layout ideas or suggestions.

The next track pack will feature a nice collection of Scalextric track plans.

Carrera Slot Car Layouts

Carrera slot car plans
Carrera slot car plans
Carrera slot car layouts
Carrera slot car layouts

Take a look at what our Track Pack PDF file looks like. Anyone can easily build this track using the color coded layout and component list. You do not need the Track Power design software unless you want to edit the layout.
Slot Track Pro - Track Pack

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