101 Circuits for Scalextric Track Plans

Scalextric Track Plans

101 Circuits for Scalextric Drivers is an original printed publication from Scalextric. It is a great resource for new Scalextric track plans. Most of the included track plans are basic generic layouts. However there are also Scalextric track plans for thirteen different historic race tracks. Each of the historic race tracks include some history and details of the circuit. Each circuit includes dimensions, lane length, and an inventory list of track pieces needed.

For example:


One of the world’s fastest and most dangerous road circuits. It sweeps for 8.76 miles through the wooded slopes of the Ardennes forest, a few miles to the east of Liege in Belgium. The famous Masta straight with its agonising kink in the middle allows speeds of up to 200 mph yet at the other side of the circuit, at La Source hairpin, speeds drop down to a mere 35mph. Although the impeccably smooth road is used by normal traffic most of the time, the circuit has splendid permanent grandstands and pits flanking the downhill start/finish straight immediately after La Source hairpin.

Scalextric Slot Car Track

Some of the other historic tracks include Silverstone, Monte Carlo, Sebring, Monza and Brands Hatch.  With so many different Scalextric track plans choosing one could be difficult. That is one perk of using plastic track though! You can run one historic track layout this weekend and another track the next! If you find yourself needing some additional track pieces for all of these track plans be sure to check out our Scalextric Track listing to see everything that is available. You know, sometimes it makes sense to buy a whole new track set to get extra track at a cheaper price. You can get a couple new cars at the same time and sell any extra controllers or powerbases.

The download is a hefty 50 MB but well worth it!

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