Slot Track Pro – Track Pack 5

Slot Track Pro Track Pack 5

Track Pack 5 features 18 new Scalextric track designs. These slot car tracks will fit a 14′ x 7′ layout. One of the layouts is a large, fast two lane oval. Building off this large oval layout, there are six additional road course layouts that fit inside the oval. So, if you have enough track to layout everything in its entirety, a quick change of a few pieces gets you converted from fast oval racing, to technical road course racing.

Scalextric Track Designs

Most of the track designs feature a pit lane and digital lane changers. A few of them will contain crossover tracks to help equalize the inside and outside lane lengths. On a few tracks we have taken the R1 hairpin curves and spread them apart creating a more unique technical section.

This pack includes the Track Power layout file so you can modify the track and make any changes you want. It also includes a screenshot of the track layout and a PDF file with the track components listed below a color coded layout. The PDF file allows anyone to set these tracks up, you do not need to have the Track Power design program to open the track file unless you want to edit the design and make your own changes.

This will be the last track pack that contains Track power layouts as we will be switching over to AnyRail 6 for our future Scalextric track designs. Feel free to modify any of these slot car layouts. You can download the ZIP file below.

What size and type of slot car tracks would you like to see featured in the next track pack? Leave us a comment below or contact us with your requests.

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Im so tempted to get into this. I had the AFX slots back in… My best car was a truck. But this is so different Im not sure about the sizes. I would buy a set to start then see what I could do after some time. I like the idea of wireless, but then cost comes into play. Love the site