Scalextric Track Plans Book 10th Edition

Scalextric Track Plans Book

A new Scalextric Track Plans Book is available for purchase. The 10th edition of Scalextric Track Plans includes at least 69 track layouts for Scalextric slot cars. A great resource to take your track layout to the next level! This edition includes track plans for both analog and digital slot cars as well as layouts for real world circuits. The books also contains a helpful section on extending a basic Scalextric set.

Scalextric Track Plans Book Archive

Scalextric Track Plans 3rd EditionIf you want to check out some older editions we have several available here at Slot track Pro. The 3rd and 4th edition contain layouts for Scalextric classic track. Classic track was first introduced in the early 60’s and have different connectors that what is used today on Scalextric’s sport track. However, you can purchase special converter track pieces to connect the two different types. The 3rd edition features 36 classic track layouts where the 4th edition contains 31 track layouts.


Scalextric Track Plans 4th EditionFor Scalextric layouts using the newer sport track you can download the 9th edition Track Plans book. It features 20 different Scalextric slot car tracks including world circuits like Silverstone, Monaco, Le Mans, Indianapolis, and Brands Hatch just to name a few. You can also check out these articles for more Scalextric track plans.

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