Scalextric Track Plans 3rd Edition

Scalextric Track Plans 3rd Edition

The third edition of Scalextric’s track plans featured 36 Scalextric classic track layouts. Classic track was released in 1962 and are connected together by two circular spoon-shaped pins and sockets on each end. There are converter pieces available to link classic track with today’s modern sport track.

Scalextric Classic Track Layouts

In this book, most of the track layouts are 2-lane layouts, 22 of the 36 tracks are 2-lane designs in this book. The remaining track layouts include 8 four lane circuits and 6 world circuits. The world circuits included are Silverstone, Catalunya, Adelaide, Magny-Cours, Kyalami, and Brands Hatch. Catalunya and Brands hatch are 4 lane layouts. Pictured below is the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit near Johannesburg, South Africa. This layout fits into a 15′ x 5′ area and features an average lane length of 34′ 8″.

Scalextric Track Layout - Kyalami

Classic track include several unique chicane components that are not available in today’s sport track. Featuring a much tighter squeeze than today’s “narrow” sections, you will definitely need to yield to any other racers if the racing is tight. However, we have experienced issues using some of these chicanes with newer slot cars. The guides can bottom out in the track grooves.

Scalextric Classic Track Layouts 4 Lane

More Scalextric Classic Track Layouts

If you are looking for more classic track layouts  you can check out the 4th edition of Scalextric’s Track Plans book and their 27 Circuits for Model Motor Racing. Both of these publications feature track layouts using classic track.

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