Track Designer

Slot Track Designer

Track Designer was released in 2007 making it fairly dated today. Because of this it is not going to be up to date when compared to some of the other track design software available. It is an additional option though for those of you working with a Mac so that may be a plus for you.

This program is a slot track designer for the Scalextric slot car racing system. It features sport and classic track libraries, color coded lane options, bridge creation, and many other editing features to assist your slot car track layout needs. For a detailed look at all the different Scalextric slot track components you can check out our Scalextric Track page.

This unregistered version is fully functional but has a 30 track piece limitation built in. The registration price is listed at $30 and a PayPal button to register the software is available on the developers website, however it is unknown if the software is still being supported today. If you want to check out the most popular Scalextric track design software, take a look at Scalextric Track Designer. It also offers a Mac version and supports newer track most likely.

Cost: Free Trial with 30 PC Limit/$30 Registered
Slot Track Supported: Scalextric Sport & Classic
Languages: English
Current Version: 1.3.1
Official Site:

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