Scalextric Track Designer

Scalextric Track Designer

The Scalextric Track Designer software used to be available on Scalextric’s website but a link can no longer be found. We offer the last known version for download here at Slot Track Pro.

Scalextric is a UK company offering a large variety of slot car racing sets and slot cars for all ages. From “My First Scalextric” sets for up and comings racers as young as 3. All the way to the seasoned pro looking to get the most out of a feature rich digital set that offers a life like racing experience in your own living room. With a huge assortment of slot cars to choose from there is something for everyone!

Scalextric Track Designer includes the full Scalextric track inventory allowing you to design the perfect slot car layout. This 3D software includes a room designer so that you can layout the exact conditions you are working with. You can design multi-lane layouts, include elevation changes, barriers and pit lanes.

Once you have saved your slot car layout you can use the software to print the layout or send it to their online store allowing you to purchase the additional slot track needed.

If you need to learn about all the different Scalextric slot car track pieces available check out this site which provides a high resolution image that you can mouse over to see all the detailed specifications for each corner, straight, and accessory track piece.

Want to download the Scalextric track bundle that they offered with the designer? Check out our Scalextric Track Layouts post where we give you some helpful tips on where to find layout ideas and several track bundles to download including the original one from Scalextric. Enjoy!

Scalextric Track Designer

Cost: Free
Slot Track Supported: Scalextric Classic, Analog and Digital.
Languages: English, French, Spanish or German
Last Known Version: 1.1.2
Official Site:

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