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The Carrera Track Layout Planner was an official slot car track editor from Carrera. It is no longer available on their website but we have archived a version here for you to download and use. The layout planner allows you to design slot car tracks using Carrera Exclusiv, Evolution, Profi and GO track types. You can enter your own track pieces into an inventory and the program will calculate the difference between what you have between any track you designed. This allows you to know what Carrera track you need to complete your layout.

Carrera Track Layout Planner Main Menu    Carrera Track Layout Planner Track Manager

The design software has the ability to automatically place track borders and supports the planning of track sections needed for creating multi lane slot track layouts from 4 to 8 lanes. For larger slot car tracks that will need additional power terminals, the planner can automatically calculate that and place those into the design as well.

Carrera Track Layout Planner Designer

The program features a floor plan designer which allows you to layout your room size. Above all, you want your track layout to fit in the area you have available! In addition, the program includes the ability to print the layout and track section list. This slot track designer was based on the SlotMan Track Designer software.

Carrera Track Layout Planner Alternatives

There are several other slot car track planners available for Carrera if you want to try those as well. Some of them contain the new Digital 132 track components more common today. For instance, one that we have recently found and like is actually an online tool called Softy Bahnplaner. Be sure to check out all the track plans available for Carrera as well.

Cost: Free
Slot Track Supported: Carrera Exclusiv, Evolution, Profi and GO
Language: English, German
Current Version: 1.0.2
Official Site:

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Dennis La Beur

Will this work with a Mac machine?