Snap Track Designer

Snap Track Designer

First and foremost, we do not recommend spending any time trying Snap Track designer. Let us save you the time that we wasted trying to get it to run in order to review. We’ll archive it here in case anyone needs the setup file that may have registered it before. That is about the only reason that it may be worth downloading today due to its severe demo restrictions.

Created back in 2001-2004, Snap Track designer allows you to layout your Scalextric slot car track. We found it on software.informer and decided to give it a try. Downloading the file was simple enough, we extracted it and found a setup file amongst several other files. Running the setup file resulted in nothing. The hourglass ran for a few seconds but then nothing.

Troubleshooting Snap Track

We could see the setup.exe process in task manager but it wasn’t doing anything. We tried telling it to run in various compatibility modes such as Windows XP and Windows 7 with no luck. A trick that we learned to see what other processes may be impacting the setup is to open windows task manager. Go to the details tabs. Find the process and right click on it. Choose Analyze Wait Chain to see what other applications or processes are impacting the process. We ended up having to close out of Adobe Creative Cloud to get the setup file to run.

After setup completed we opened the program. Right out of the gate we are hit with the following information.

Snap Track Designer

Very disappointing to say the least. We understand the need for a demo. Limiting to 30 days of usage would have been sufficient, but to prevent the usage of several track components makes it hard to even try properly when you can’t design a decent slot car track. We found the user interface rather inefficient to use. You have to click the Track Box button and scroll through each track piece to add it, unless you open a saved library with all the slot track pieces already saved all over the screen.

Snap Track Designer

In conclusion, if you used this software before and have a serial number to unlock it here is a copy of the install file if you need it. For everyone else, we suggest you take a look at the other slot car track designers out there and try something else.

Cost: Demo (Registration no longer available.)
Slot Track Supported: Scalextric
Languages: English
Current Version: 1.00.008a
Official Site: No longer in development.

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