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Slot Car Track Planner

We are always on the lookout for new slot car track planner software. Usually we find bits and pieces of information about old software that leads to dead ends. A few weeks back we saw an old forum post talking about Slot Track Designer also known as SlotTD. After countless Google and Bing searches and endless dead ends the trusty Wayback Machine came through again. We found a functioning copy of SlotTD and added it to our archives here at Slot Track Pro.

This slot car track planner is a simple track designing tool that can be used for SCX and Ninco slot car track. Created in 2001, don’t expect the track libraries to be up to date with digital technology and components. But it is 100% free so there it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. The program supports both English and Spanish languages, it defaults to Spanish but you can easily click the gear icon to open the options menu and one of the drop downs changes the language.

SlotTD features support for up to 8 lane slot car tracks. It has the ability to equilibrate tracks with crossovers automatically, inventory your track pieces and keep track of usage, and measure lane lengths and overall circuit dimensions. You can color code the track and print the track itself or the parts list.

If your looking for a track designer for SCX or Ninco slot car track, give this one a try and see if you like it.

Slot Car Track Planner Details

Cost: Free
Slot Track Supported: Ninco and SCX
Language: English and Spanish
Current Version: 1.1b2
Official Site: No Longer In Development

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