SlotMan Track Designer

SlotMan Logo

SlotMan Track Designer (known simply as SlotMan which stands for Slot Car Manager) provides a slot car track design tool as well as features to provide track timing and race controls for analog slot car racing. It manages many different track systems (listed below) and allows you to inventory all of your track pieces. SlotMan remains very popular despite it…

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Carrera Track Planner – Autorennbahnplaner

Carrera Track Planner

The Carrera Track Planner, also known as Autorennbahnplaner, supports all the current Carrera slot car track types. This includes the popular Carrera Digital 132 sets, Digital 124, Digital 143, and Carrera GO!!! The track planner contains the complete range of track components through 2020 including trackside buildings. Simple to install and use, you will be laying down track very quickly…

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