SlotMan Track Designer

SlotMan Logo

SlotMan Track Designer (known simply as SlotMan which stands for Slot Car Manager) provides a slot car track design tool as well as features to provide track timing and race controls for analog slot car racing. It manages multiple track systems (listed below) and allows an inventory of all the different track pieces. SlotMan remains very popular despite it no longer being in development. It is the second most downloaded track design software here at Slot Track Pro behind Scalextric.      SlotMan also features lap tables, race results and saves the…

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Carrera Track Planner – Autorennbahnplaner

Carrera Track Planner

The Carrera Track Planner supports all the current Carrera slot car track systems. It features a room planning tool, grid overlay, automatic centering, free rotation, scrolling and zooming to allow the user complete control. There is over over an hour of tutorials available on their website to help you learn the software. Autorennbahnplaner supports up to 8 lanes and can be placed independent of each other if desired. Individual lane length is displayed taking into consideration different curve radius and lane changers. Color coding of parts and/or lanes is also featured.…

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Track Designer

Slot Track Designer

I will say this first, Track Designer was released in 2007 so it may not be as up to date as some of the other track designer software. Regardless, here is another option for those of you running Macs. A slot track designer for the Scalextric slot car racing system featuring sport and classic track libraries, color coded lane options, bridge creation, and many other editing features to assist your slot car track layout needs. If you need additional track pieces for your new layout, check out our Scalextric Track…

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SketchUp Slot Car Track Layouts

Slot Car Track Layouts

Sketchup Make is a very popular 3D modeling software. Used to create models of buildings, furniture, landscapes and more. It has a customizable interface so you can work how want. With the ability to share what you create there are quite a few SketchUp slot car related models available for you to download and use in your slot car track layouts. SketchUp Models for your Slot Car Track Layouts SketchUp offers a 3D Warehouse where users can upload and download models for use with the software. There are many Scalextric…

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RailModeller Express – Slot Track Designer

RailModeller Express

RailModeller Express is the free edition of RailModeller Pro, it is software for planning model railroad and slot car layouts on macOS. The express edition offers some of the same features that the pro version has only with certain limitations such as the number of slot track pieces you can use in your design, how many layers you can create, the ability to utilize the stock management feature and how large your layout can be. A good selection of slot car track libraries are included. Check out the details below for a complete…

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